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Deans Counsel

A podcast for Deans and all people interested in the 
leadership challenges and rewards of today’s academy 

Being a successful dean is challenging. Driving strategic change, building internal and external relations, managing budgets, leading faculty and staff, working with university leadership, all the while advancing philanthropy, rankings, and accreditation are but a few of the issues pulling at your time and attention.


Add in the long hours, the grinding travel and the competing stressors -- it can feel like there are few people you can turn to for confidential advice or counsel who really understand and get it.


That is why we created the Deans Counsel podcast. Following conversations with many of you and the recurring themes we heard, we were inspired to build a podcast that would bring candid perspective and useful insight. Through these peer-to-peer interviews, which run about 20 - 30 minutes each, we hope you will glean nuggets of relevant advice and learn from others who have traveled your journey.


While each of our institutions is unique, many of the challenges we face can be strikingly similar. Let’s learn together from that.

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The Deans Counsel features a podcast centered on peer-to-peer discussions with today's leaders from the Academy.


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