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15: Rich Lyons on Shaping Culture

A peer-to-peer discussion with the former Dean of Berkeley Haas.

Show notes: On this episode of Deans Counsel, moderators Dave Ikenberry and Ken Kring speak with Richard (Rich) Lyons, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley, and Professor & Former Dean, William & Janet Cronk Chair in Innovative Leadership. He specializes in Economic Analysis and Policy.

In his conversation with Dave and Ken, Rich shares his unique expertise and insights on shaping the culture at UC-Berkeley, and touches upon:

  • defining what's unique about a school's culture

  • dealing authentically with skeptical faculty

  • using faculty governance to drive change, and

  • how to measure progress on shaping a school's culture

Dr. Rich Lyon's Bio:

Rich is UC Berkeley’s Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The role oversees patenting/licensing/IP management, the main startup accelerator on campus (SkyDeck), and other related areas. In July 2018 Rich returned to his faculty role at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in the Cronk Chair after serving eleven years as the school’s dean. From 2006-08 he served as chief learning officer at Goldman Sachs. His research and teaching focus on currency markets.


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